Book Fair

On Thursday 31st January and Friday 1st February the Travelling Book Fair will be visiting our school. The books will be available to view in the hall from 3pm on both days.

Please try and support the Book Fair if you can; your support earns free books for our library!

Travelling Books website

Snow Day!

We got to play in the snow. We had lots of fun!



We had lots of fun playing in the snow!!

Willow Pattern Plates



Today we have been creating willow pattern plates. We had to use different tones of blue.

Snow at Portway

Dragon Hunting!

Kingfisher Class have been out hunting for dragons! We discovered a giant dragon’s egg at the bottom of the field.

The Dragon's Nest

We wrote to the Dragon Hunter (who was stuck at the top of Mount Everest!), he told us the egg belonged to a Stone Dragon.

We found lots more clues suggesting dragon activity at Portway, incuding dragon’s skin, footprints, bones¬†and dragon’s dust! The egg eventually hatched just before the snow came.

We were very lucky because Susanne the Dragon Hunter’s wife came to see us. She told us all about dragons and showed us lots of exciting things she had collected. She even had a bottle of dragon’s snot – YUK!