Half Term Homework

It seems we all had a great time at half term – some of us saw friends and family, we went swimming and to the park, a lot of cakes were baked and dogs walked! Miss Stocker even had a little holiday before turning our classroom into a space station. We created some great posters and projects to share with our friends. It was lovely to talk about all the different adventures and see photos of all the fun we had!

3…2…1 BLAST OFF!

Welcome to the astronaut training programme

Monday morning Kingfisher classroom was transformed into an astronaut training camp. We learnt all about how to become an astronaut and we amazed Miss Stocker with how much we knew about space and how many star jumps we could do in 1 minute! We even learnt to introduce ourselves in Russian in case we met any Russian astronauts at the Space Station.

After playtime we found out whether we passed our training – luckily we all did! We received our own NASA identification badge and signed into Mission Control. We took our seats in the shuttle and blasted off to explore the solar system!


What a great way to start our topic!



Blast Off!

On Monday Robin Class started their training as astronauts! We spent the morning proving our physical fitness, packing our bags with things we needed (and a few things we wanted!) and even learning some Russian so we could communicate with the Russian Space Station. We all passed with flying colours and received our Astronaut ID Badges.

After play we all lined up to check in with mission control and then took off into space with the rest of Year 1! We took our time to explore the new planet we found and made a class mind map that showed everything we already knew about space. Why not ask us in a few weeks what else we have learned?

Charlie and Lola Week

Before half term we had a lot of fun learning all about Charlie and Lola. We made board games and puppets. The most exciting part was making our own Charlie and Lola movie. The teachers turned the hall into a cinema and we watched all the films and ate pink popcorn as a special treat!

Enjoy the film!

Kingfisher Charlie and Lola Movie

Rooms for Charlie and Lola

We are making rooms for Charlie and Lola today! We are cutting, glueing and designing really carefully!