Captain Beebot’s Treasure Hunt

This week we have been learning how to create a sequence of instuctions for Beebot. We had to carefully plan a route to the given destination and program Beebot’s instructions in the right order. We thought hard about our lefts and rights! To make Captain Beebot’s adventures even more exciting we worked in teams to design him a treasure island to explore. Each team came up with different landmarks to include on their map including volcanoes, swamps and pirate ships! Our maps look fantastic and we are really proud of our cooperation and teamwork. Captain Beebot had lots of fun looking for the hidden treasure.


Year R and Pablo Picasso!

Year R children have been learning about Pablo Picasso this week in school.

Did you know that Picasso liked blue and white stripes?

We found out that he painted pictures of faces from the front and the side at the same time! We made our own Picasso pictures by cutting up photographs of our faces and collaged our eyes, nose and mouth in different places on our face.

Why don’t you make some of your own Picasso pictures at home by collaging photographs of people in your family or faces from magazines?

Welcome to Woodpecker Class

We have had fun in Woodpecker Class. We have been learning about pirates. We have painted pirate ships, dressed up as pirates in our pirate role play, played with a pirate ship, made pirate puppets and hunted for treasure with Beebot. We have written messages in a bottle and coloured in pirates and created treasure maps. Lots of other interesting activities have taken place. We have been rolling, bouncing, catching and throwing a ball in PE. We have been following instructions, practising our handwriting, counting and making number lines. We have been very busy!

Robin Class’ first few weeks together!

We have had so much fun getting to know each other in Year 1!

We have been playing together and learning new things. We are learning all about pirates this term – we have been singing sea shanties and passing the anchor around the classroom!

Things we love about Year 1 so far:

  • colouring
  • counting out the pirate treasure coins
  • using the treasure island role play
  • playing with the pirate ship
  • building pirate ships out of lego
  • handwriting
  • learning to bounce a ball in PE
  • reading roundabout

Mr Mee has been so proud of how well everybody has settled into Year 1 and he is really excited to see how well everyone does this year!

We have chosen some photos we would like to show everybody – we hope you enjoy looking at them!

Welcome to Kingfishers

We are having a lovely time in Kingfisher Class. We are enjoying learning about Pirates!

We have sung some pirate songs, we have read stories all about pirates and we have even made pirate puppets with Mrs Woodhead. We love to play with the pirate ship and in the treasure island role play. We have painted pirate pictures and drew our own pirates by following instructions.

New Duckling Class 2013!

We are having a lovely time at Portway School. We have been painting and drawing, cutting and playing with the train track. We have been outside for runaround play and been on the bikes. We have even had P.E. in the Hall and some of us have stayed for lunch. Best of all, we have made lots of new friends and done some brand new learning.