Bug Hunting!

Kingfisher Class have loved getting outside this half term. We have been down to the meadow and wooded area each week to see the changes in nature as the summer arrives. We have been keeping our eyes peeled for bugs! We found snails, ants, woodlice, worms, spiders, caterpillars, moths and slugs just to name a few! We paid particular attention to where these creatures all liked to live, this was important as we were given the task to make a bug hotel! We had to think about what they liked to eat, whether they liked it dark and damp or with lots of things to climb on.

What creepy crawlies are living in your garden? You could have a go at making a bug house over half term.

Tri Golf Festival

On Tuesday 6th May we took 11 children from Year 2 to Harrow Way School to compete alongside other local schools in a Tri Golf Festival. We competed in 3 teams and took part in a range of fun games designed to practice and improve our golf skills. Miss Knight and Miss Stocker were very pleased with our ability and sportsmanship during the morning. Our favourite game was called Dominoes, where you had to hit each cone in turn until you reached the final one. The first team to collect all of their cones won, we were good at this! We also liked playing Hole in One, chipping the ball was tricky but we rose to the challenge!

Out of 10 teams we did very well, with our teams finishing 2nd, 4th and 5th overall. But most of all we had fun and learnt new games.

A big THANK YOU to Mrs Salmon and her Sports Leaders at Harrow Way for a great morning.

Visit of Kate Savage ‘The Bat Lady’

The Year 2 children were lucky to have a visit from a bat expert, Kate Savage, who shared her wealth of knowledge about the nocturnal animal. She explained how bats catch their prey using echolocation and we listened to the different sounds that bats make. She even brought in a stuffed bat for us to look at. We were fascinated by its fragile wings and sharp teeth.

More Ducklings!!

More news on the ducklings! We have two more hatched, “Boris” and “Babs”, so now five in total! They are currently having a lovely time in year R and growing fast!

All the fun at the farm!

We have had an amazing time at Longdown Dairy Farm today. We have fed the pigs, goats and kids, collected eggs, been on a tractor ride and lots more. Come and see what we have been up to……