Let’s run away with the circus!

What a great way to end the year with Clown Day on Monday. We loved dressing up as different circus performers, and loved the afternoon tea party.

Watching the Big Top go up on the field was so exciting and lots of us enjoyed a picnic in the sun and a great circus after school!

A BIG thank you to all the Kingfishers who have made this year so fun and fantastic. Miss Francis and I hope you have a great summer and good luck for Year 2.


Circus day!

We had the most brilliant day yesterday when we celebrated  our birthday with a ‘Circus day’.

The children were amazing, we had lots of fun dressed up as circus people and even made our own circus picture in the morning. In the afternoon we had a whole school tea party as well as a year R party with games.

To top off our day we got to see a real circus in the evening in the BIG TOP!! We are so lucky to be at portway!

The circus came to Portway!

We had an amazing day yesterday! We all dressed up as clowns and circus performers. In the morning, the circus arrived and put up a ‘big top’ on our school field. Some of us sat and watched during break time as they hoisted up the tent. Back in the classroom, we created a circus picture as a class with lots of different circus performers.

After lunch, we got together with the whole of year R and played some fun party games before joining the whole school for afternoon tea! We all had a drink and some snacks, then we sang happy birthday to Portway.

We had a fantastic day!

The day the Circus came to Portway!!!

We had the best day at school yesterday! We all dressed up as clowns and circus performers and made our own circus picture in the style of Petr Horacek by drawing pictures of ourselves. After playtime, we had lots of fun playing ‘Pass the Parcel’ which Adelaide had made for us, being circus performers and watching the Big Top go up on our school field.
After lunch, Year R got together for a ‘Circus Disco’ and party games before going to celebrate our 50th birthday with the rest of the school with party food, cake and balloons on our front playground. It was a fantastic day!!!

Portway is 50!!

We have been celebrating Portway Infant Schools  50th birthday.

Last week we looked at what the school was like 50 years ago, we looked at some old photographs to see what the school used to be like. We even saw one of the teachers who still works here!

We made our classroom like an old school and we had the tables in straight lines, when a grown up came into the room we had to stand up! Some of the grown ups were very surprised when we did this!

We played some games from a long time ago like tiddlywinks, pick up sticks, hopscotch, snakes and ladders, donkey, marbles and operation. It was great fun.

Happy 50th Birthday Portway!!

Last week we started to celebrate Portway’s 50th Birthday by learning what it was like 50 years ago.

We played with ‘Snakes and Ladders’. Adelaide and Laylani
We enjoyed 50 years ago. Lola and Evie
We played with dominoes. Vinny and Nicholas
We had to stand up when a grown up came into the classroom. Max
We played with wooden skittles and wrote the scores up on the whiteboard. Brandon and Linzi
We went to the pop-up museum in the Hall. Daniel and Faith
We played with the hoola hoops. Connie and Poppy
We loved playing with the tiddly winks. Catherine and Christina
We liked playing old-fashioned school. Georgia and Sam
We had a hoola hoop Competition. Cerys and Sofia were the winners. Alfie and Mason
We loved playing catch with the balls. Ashlee and Maya
We liked playing ‘Piggy in the Middle’. Oliver and Douglas
We played ‘Farmer’s in his Den’. Sofia and Charlotte
We played hopscotch and ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf?’. Anya-Rose and Cerys
We made birthday cards too. George and Ethan

Finally, we made a ‘Time Capsule’ to open when we are in Year 6.